Activities that Boost Your Intelligence as a Child, Teen and Adult

It is important to our mental health and well-being always to be actively learning for fun or profit. We multiply our neurons and enjoy life more when we feel proud that we are accelerating our learning.


Here are 12 tips on increasing your learning prowess while having a good time as well:

  1. Listen to music of all kinds to feel you are current with the new themes and sounds in today’s world.
  2. Improve memory and boost skills in math and science even if you are not a mathematician or scientist.
  3. Build listening skills within your family and community at large.
  4. Focus in on the moment to promote relaxation.
  5. Learn a foreign language that provides your brain opportunities to make new neural connections increasing intelligence and improves cumulative learning such as vocabulary.
  6. Learn to play a musical instrument stretching your brain in new ways.
  7. Keep reading to learn more problem solving and empathy with characters.
  8. Exercise regularly to your body operating optimal including your brain.
  9. Memorize facts of interest to stretch brain activity.
  10. Sudoku, puzzles, riddles, board games, video games, card games, and similar activities increase neuroplasticity.



New activities such as these increase self-confidence, feelings of accomplishment, and build self-esteem all of which ward off depression, anxiety, and other kinds of mental illness. Being active, not passive in your learning adds a feeling of exhilaration that doesn’t come with passive screen activities such as videos, YouTube, television, and other activities where you just watch but don’t interact. When activities increase your interaction with others, it can boost your self-esteem.


Boost your learning, and you will boost your mental health, sense of a growing self, and engagement with new ideas and new people in your life.