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In Are You Living with a Narcissist? Dr. Laurie Hollman discusses the spectrum of healthy to pathological narcissism by defining the symptoms of the Narcissistic Personality Disorder specifically with reference to the subgroup of successful narcissistic men. There are illustrations of a young man with narcissistic traits, three couples where the husband is a narcissist, and a narcissistic father and his teenage daughter. Dr. Hollman questions and clarifies how to raise a child so that he does not become a narcissist and gives her thoughts on how spouses of narcissists can live happy, healthy lives. She also discusses if the narcissist can change and how narcissism and normal love are different. In conclusion, she explores the impact of culture on narcissism questioning if there is an evolutionary basis for narcissism along with contemporary generational values. She also examines the relationship between male narcissism and violence putting together a framework for understanding the role of narcissism in our society today.

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