Kids Helping Oneself and Others During the Pandemic


During the Pandemic it’s a great time to help yourself and others in a positive way to adjust to our new temporary world as we all make history together. It’s a great time to brainstorm ways to connect with lots of people even while quarantine and social distancing are needed.



1. Videoconference with someone you know who is tested positive. Keep in touch so the person doesn’t feel isolated. Listen to their symptoms and sympathize. Most important, just be a good listener.

2. Visit with others online with and without the virus because we are all quarantined and need social contact. Talk about every day stuff. For example, tell them if you are teleconferencing for school, your hobbies and interests, good movies and youtubes. Make it lively to lift everyone’s spirits.

3. People like to hear about others and what they are doing. Discuss if you listen to the news or find it too distressing and not helpful. Depending on your age talk about funny stuff like how you need a hair cut and more toilet paper! Share what it’s like to not get too dressed up, though it is important to get dressed and not stay in pajamas all day. Encourage others to have routines for regular hygiene and healthy sleep and eating habits. In fact, it’s fun to talk about food you like to eat. Ask others about the same stuff and get to know a new friend of any age.

4.If you wish, share your social media contacts and friend the person you are meeting online.

5. Send pictures of yourself and ask for pictures and even videos of others.

In other words, increase your social contacts. This makes everyone feel more together in fact, you can pride yourself and others on making history together.



1.     Parents can encourage their kids to see the world as friendly, a place where scientists learn from each other and collaborate to solve problems like one huge family with lots of smart caring people. It’s an opportunity to see doctors in a positive light who care and reach out to help others tirelessly. Let your kids see how these professionals set a great example for what your child may want to do when they grow up. All these helpers in the world set an example for our kids to aspire to be like, to emulate, to be thankful for.

:2.     At the same time, it’s important for parents not to increase their kids concerns but still enjoy themselves. Discourage watching the news if it’s distressing. Be clear about symptoms but don’t scare your child. with endless stories that raise anxiety.

3.     You are welcome to go to read more blogs right here on this website to learn about how to talk to your kids about the Pandemic See lots of articles on the subject. Listen, listen, listen to your kids questions and answer briefly but accurately  If you don’t know an answer, go online together and look it up. Share knowledge. Encourage reading together not only about the virus but about reading itself. This is a great time to increase time spent reading, not only watching videos. Get audio books online as well as kindles. It’s an inexpensive way to share new knowledge and discussions about plots, mysteries, characters with familiy members and new and old friends.

4.     Parents can also go online and find out how to write to your governor and tell him or her how you think he or she is doing leading your state. It’s a positive way to introduce politics into your kids lives by being thankful to those who are leading us well. Listen to your kids opinions and ideas about what they learn, how they might think our leaders can do things even better or continue what they are doing well. Real letters can be written and sent to governors and state senators, Let your kids know THEIR opinions count. You don’t have to be old enough to vote to have good ideas that help your leaders and others.

5.     Ultimately, praise your kids efforts whatever they may be. Don’t only make suggestions, but ask for their ideas. That’s very important to show you recognize their thoughts are important to adults and other kids. This raises self-esteem very important anytime but especially during times of isolation

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