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New Book from One of Our Contributors

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Playing with Baby: Researched-Based Play to Bond with Your Baby from Birth to Year One – by Laurie Hollman

A baby hears her mother’s voice in utero, claps her hands a few months later, plays peekaboo over and over and follows your pointed finger at her toy. What does it all mean?

In Dr. Laurie’s Hollman’s inviting style, she wends her way for her readers through dozens of stimulating and imaginative ways infants play from birth to one year focusing not only on physical milestones but milestones of the babies’ developing mind.

Multiple illustrations in words and pictures are backed up by fascinating cutting-edge research about how play promotes infants’ mental development and a secure attachment between mother and baby.

The outstanding interplay between the minds of mothers and fathers with the minds of their infants occurs with their mutual understanding of each other’s vocalizations, gestures, and facial expressions that eventually lead not only to communion between the infant-parent pair but also to the baby’s development of a core sense of self.

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