A great new phenomena has arisen where a small group, always the same people, often family members or a few very close friends, get tested frequently and can hang out together inside and out without masks.

I call this the COVID BUBBLE.

If you belong to a COVID BUBBLE you essentially lock down mostly otherwise, always wear a mask and social distance if you shop, eat together frequently with everyone sharing in the cooking (just a suggestion) hug a lot and enjoy each other’s good humor and lively conversation.

You also

  • listen to each other attentively,
  • offer lots of praise and compliments so they are never in short supply,
  • avoid criticism and judgment,
  • only offer advice when its requested,
  • spill your feelings like a bucket of milk as needed to loving listeners,
  • encourage up time and down time,
  • hang out yet also give each other space as needed,
  • share, share, share,
  • have good senses of humor though not at anyone’s expense,
  • learn each other’s favorite foods and avoid what even one person dislikes to eat,
  • Watch movies, YouTubes, and play music that everyone enjoys,
  • exercise as needed in groups or alone,
  • be respectful of each other’s homes (neatniks stay neat and messy folks stay messy),
  • help with homework if wanted,
  • dance and fool around,
  • hug a lot (I think I said that!),
  • share confidences if you wish,
  • depending on where you live, watch the sun, the sky, the water, as the seasons change,
  • enjoy the youngest, older folks, and even older