The Idea of Goodness

Goodness is a quality that is hard to define yet is especially important during this time when the welfare of all of us is at stake.

It’s a time when we need to aim at knowledge of our situation and in the quest of developing a clear conceptualization of possibilities and options that can lead us.

To do so we need a community with the will to foster goodness. This means a community with morality where thinking is clear in our dealings with one another.

Goodness implies there is morality behind it,

Goodness needs to be seen as a natural function of human beings toward one another.

Down Time

An unwieldy thought is that at a time when we need a community focused on goodness people also question its imperative.

Why aren’t we moved by love and justice when there is the peril of a strange virus in our midst?

Doesn’t it occur to each of us as ordinary folks to conceive of goodness as a virtue that belongs to all of us as our guide? Isn’t that the moral task of the community as imperfect as we are as humans?

What characterizes moral activity?

What characterizes goodness?

In uncertain times, don’t we need to ask what is at the heart of these concepts?

How can we make ourselves better?

Can we see these times as an opportunity for moral growth? Central to such morality is justice, truthfulness, and humility—all aspects of goodness.

I know I am writing about hard to define ideals and don’t profess to know the answers to my questions.

I just seek to encourage those who seek goodness to help each other entertain these questions more and more. We need truth-seeking minds to seek goodness as our guide to foster our mental and physical well-being.

That is reality.

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