9 Year Old’s Thoughts About Technology Used by Kids

My Parent’s Rules About Using Technology


  1. Technology is not to be used without permission granted by a parent.
  2. For permission to be granted a time limit must be set.


  1. The site that is being used has to be known to a parent.
  2. You may not buy or use money in any way on a site without parents knowing and approving.


  1. If any rule has been broken for any reason, there must be a set consequence decided by the whole family.
  2. You must set different consequences depending on how many rules that are broken.

My Opinion About Technology

Technology is a helper and also a hindrance. It can be good in ways like helping people in school during COVID 19. But it can also be a hindrance in ways most people don’t realize.

If you watch a lot of TV I suggest you get up and move around because much of the world’s population is overweight. Most people are overweight because they spend too much time sitting on a couch and watching the television.

I’m not saying everyone is overweight, though some people are. I am also not saying you are overweight because you sit on the couch, but you might just like to watch television and forget to stop.

To solve that one idea is to set a timer for yourself or just watch one YouTube video.

Another reason some of you may not know technology is a hindrance is too much screen usage. Screens can hurt your eyes if you look too long. It does not affect older people as much as it affects the young when your eyes are still developing. So, if you don’t want your kid’s eyes to be hurt by screen usage, don’t show them screens until they are past one year old.

Different Types of Screens

If you have an apple device, they will generally have a mode to adjust your screen to a safe color.

Amazon Kindle Fire also has this feature to prevent your child’s eyes or your eyes from being hurt.

If you have a laptop it generally will not have this feature. I recommend not showing children under the age of one that device.

If you want to learn more read the book, 

“The Busy Parent’s Guide to Managing Technology:

 The Parental Intelligence Way.”

Blog Author’s Note:

This blog was written by a nine-year-old who has a family that follows the Parental Intelligence Way.

Without prompting, this boy suggested any consequences for breaking rules should be discussed by the whole family as opposed to parents setting rules and kids having to just follow them or take consequences prescribed by parents.

His collaborative approach is using Parental Intelligence that recommends adults and children listening to each other’s ideas and opinions and feelings when solving problems with a discussion, that is, an open-minded, non-judgmental, non-punitive approach.

He suggested families could discuss these ideas at dinner or in their living room or anywhere else where each family member was comfortable.