The Busy Parent’s Guide to Managing Exhaustion in Children and Teens – Endorsements

“Dr. Laurie Hollman’s impressive credentials include three decades as a psychoanalyst doing psycho-therapy with children and adults as well as being a mother and grandmother herself. She has presented us with another in her series of books with advice for busy parents about common and compelling problems with their children.

“In this book, she addresses the important problem of “exhaustion” i.e. the many varieties of sleep problems which afflict young people. Her thesis is that the Parental Intelligence method, which she again describes here, gives parents a systematic way to discover the often illusive underlying conflicts which fuel these problems. Without this understanding, finding solutions is harder if not impossible. She shows us in concise, easy to read language, how to identify these problems and then offers ideas about how to address them with clarifying clinical examples. Her method promotes a working dialogue and mutual understanding between parents and their children which I believe extends beyond the resolution of the problem at hand. This is a worthwhile read for any parent or anyone who works with children and I highly recommend it.”
Barbara G Deutsch MD, Certified in Psychiatry, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, Adult and Child Psychiatry, Certified in Psychoanalysis, American Psychoanalytic Association, Adult and Child Psychiatry


“Please read this book!!

“Dr. Laurie Hollman has once again given us the gift of her caring, insightful and practical methods to help us all in our efforts to raise our children (from infancy to late teenagers) and improve all of our relationships in our personal and professional lives.

“Dr. Hollman has clearly explained the methods which can help all parents (and therapists) develop thoughtful, empathic channels of communication which will allow for parents and children to discover the meaning of their particular disturbance.

“By following the steps of Parental Intelligence and not acting impulsively, parents can help themselves and their children find the meaning behind the immediate problems associated with the impact of exhaustion on children and teenagers lives and then work together to solve the problems that become clarified in their discussions.

“Through a series of easily understood explanations of exhaustion and the creative use of anecdotes to clearly illustrate the principles involved, Dr. Hollman takes the reader on a journey which illuminates the pathway to enhanced understanding and compassion for our dearest partners and children.

“Please read this book!!! It can make a profound addition to your life.”
Ernest Kovacs, M.D., F.A.P.A., Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Supervisor for Marital and Family Psychotherapy, Zucker Hillside Hospital Northwell Health


“Dr. Hollman has done it again! Contained in this handy guide is practical information along with insightful case studies and sound advice regarding the negative psychological effects of sleep deprivation on children and adolescents and what to do about it. Along with utilization of Dr. Hollman’s Parental Intelligence model (Unlocking Parental Intelligence: Finding Meaning in your Child’s Behavior) parents are guided in identifying and alleviating the causes of child and adolescent exhaustion. Dr. Hollman does an excellent job of pointing toward wiser parenting choices that alleviate the stressors causing sleep deprivation and forge stronger and more meaningful family bonds.”
Lynn Seskin, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist; Behavioral Medicine Associates of New York; Behavioral Medicine of Pennsylvania


“In her splendid book, Unlocking Parental Intelligence, Dr. Hollman showed parents how to find the meaning in their child’s or teen’s behaviour, by reflecting on the child’s thoughts and feelings, which may well be different from their own thoughts and feelings about the situation. Finding the meaning underlying the behaviour helps parents respond sensitively and supportively. Dr. Hollman’s new book gives a concise account of these techniques and, with the aid of helpful real-life examples, shows how to use them to solve problems of exhaustion in children and teens. An excellent resource!”
Janet Wilde Astington, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, Institute of Child Psychology, University of Toronto; Editor, Minds in the Making


“Children’s exhaustion is a neglected yet vitally important issue with implications for many aspects of their lives. Dr. Hollman illustrates how her approach to parenting can be applied to this issue in order to improve the lives of children and their families.”
Jeremy Carpendale, Ph.D., Professor of Developmental Psychology, Department of Psychology, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC VSA 156 Canada


The Busy Parent’s Guide to Managing Exhaustion in Children and Teens