When Your Baby Falls, Hears a Loud Noise, or Anything Unexpected, What’s Her Narrative?

Different babies and toddlers have different reactions to unexpected events that are inevitable as our little ones gain increasing balance on their legs.

If your toddler trips, does she cry? Or, if you say, “oops boo boo” does she giggle and say “oops boo boo?”

Adding language to a minor fall often eases the incident and your baby goes on her toddling way to her next interesting discovery.

This is all about helping your baby be resilient to the unexpected.

She might be at a playground for the first time with a small piece of equipment that sprays water. She walks by and feels the cold spray on her back. Does she cry? Does she giggle? Does she try it again but now on purpose?

Again, you might say, “Ooh cold spray!”  She now has words to express her reaction. Words go a long way not only in building language of course, but in learning how to express a reaction in words rather than tears.

Maybe your near a river and a fog horn blasts out loud. Your toddler has never heard this booming sound. It might even knock him off his feet! “Foghorns make loud noises!”  is a great response. How many of those words and phrases can he repeat? Then of course point to the boat.”See the big boat!” Now you’re in a conversation another plus.

Look up at the sky and down at the waves and tell your sweetie about this view. “Ooh the water is blue. Blue water. Blue and white sky?”

Babies love to pick up phrases if we make them simple. They learn, don’t cry, gain a narrative of learning and resilience that can last a life time.