How to Identify Women Who May Fall for A Narcissistic Man and How She Can Change

How to Identify Women Who May Fall

for a Narcissistic Man and How She Can Change


A woman who easily falls for a narcissistic man is often co-dependent. This means she seeks to be attached to a man she admires. This relationship makes her feel she has worth.


Such a woman on her own is self-deprecating, underestimates her abilities, follows her man’s dictates without question, and minimizes or even dismisses her own needs. She too easily accepts her man’s dominating style, verbose talking about himself, need to take charge of their activities, and silent treatment toward her when his needs are not met.


She may have had self-centered narcissistic parents who she revered and openly admired even at the risk of being too obedient and self-defeating, undermining the development of her own interests and ambitions. Thus, such relationships are what she is accustomed to and doesn’t realize she has the right to develop needs and ambitions of her own.


Socially she may be quite agreeable and make friends easily, but the narcissist’s high-status friends come first and are elevated as more important and more admirable. Also, in their social sphere, he is likely to want her to keep his pace and continually attend activities that he chooses, She inevitably agrees for fear of his anger which she can’t cope with well for fear she will no longer be able to depend on him to make her feel special and grand.


She is very empathic, kind, generous, and admiring of others building their self-esteem. The narcissistic man is attracted to these virtues and easily gets attached to such a woman because he needs someone who will regularly boost his self-esteem which she does constantly. She, in turn, feels his pursuit makes her special because he is often powerful and successful and knows how to lavish her with expensive gifts to keep her connected to him.


How a Woman who Falls for a Narcissistic Man

Can Change


  • Seek support from a mental health professional who can help you view your self-image realistically.
  • Ask yourself, “What made me vulnerable to this narcissistic man?”
  • Clarify your own goals and ambitions.
  • Question your own ability to feel and be independent in life.
  • Become more introspective, reflecting on your own realistic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Challenge yourself to build new interests and learning opportunities.
  • Reflect upon your need to feel dependent on a grandiose man.
  • Allow yourself a range of feelings, including anger toward the narcissistic man in your life.
  • Develop your own voice and express it.
  • Become the center of your own initiative.
  • Clarify your values and let them be your compass in finding a direction.