Take Advantage of Winter Storms with Your Kids

Living in increasingly wide-spread significant snow belts is a new adjustment for many this year. Even online learning isn’t always done when snow falls are so extreme teachers and administrators lose power and cannot even work from home.

So our kids are getting the breaks we used to get before online learning was part of everyday life. SNOW DAYS!! Give yourself and your kids a break and enjoy them.

The beauty of ice and snow reveals multiple colors if you look closely.

Try on snow shoes for the first time and take a bundled up walk.

If your family skies, go for it! Don’t forget cross-country skiing rather than the slopes.

Building a snow man is fun even for teens and sledding and ice-skating are super, too.

While the snow is blowing into the night, enjoy hot chocolate, good conversation, and reading to each other.

And, if you’re not so super outdoorsy, wonderful soups and baking and hot chocolate (by a fire if you have a fire place) make for great parent-kid discussion time or just relaxing with good books even reading to each other.

If you can enjoy the wonder of a white out world and not fret about creative solutions for power outages you can warm up to a cold experience!

Food shopping and the purchase of fleece lined clothes bought ahead of time help a great deal. Stay off the roads when it’s icy and have a good, safe, creative time!