Kids Adjusting to School with Mandated Masks

It appears that middle and high school kids are adjusting well to resuming school wearing masks in classrooms and hallways all day. The kids feel safe and are glad to be back in their classrooms once again.

The Reason for Mandates for Masks in Public Schools

Mandates for masking in public schools solve all confusion. The remaining issue is when parents are given a choice as if  their  individual choice won’t affect anyone but their own children. This is not the case.

Any child without a mask affects every other child because the virus is airborne. So no one parent can decide only for their own child.

Similarly, kids age 12 and over also must be mandated to be vaccinated if attending public school. The same confusion applies.


The Reason for Mandates for Vaccinations

for Kids 12 and older in Public Schools

Any child not vaccinated may likely impact all other children they share air with putting other kids at risk.

This is a community pandemic. No one is immune. No one has the right to endanger others–that’s a confusion about democratic freedoms.


A Simple Comparison

The simplest comparison is if each person with a driver’s license could CHOOSE to stop at stop signs and red lights. Any choice not to follow the rules would endanger others immediately. That is why all states in the US mandate drivers licenses at designated ages for those who pass a drivers’ exam and follow the rules of the road in each community. As we all know, tickets are issued with fines for infractions of these rules.


We Love Our Children. Let’s Keep Them Healthy, Happy, and Safe by working together as a community that cares about ALL KIDS ALL THE TIME.