How Your Child Chooses a Hobby

Hobby Finding is Easy!

As a parent you don’t have to help your child find a hobby! Your child will do that all by herself. Just watch her play!

It’s so much fun to watch your child play and discover her interests. The best advice for parents is not to interfere!


As a baby she’ll find stripes and edges colored in red on anything around her. By almost two she’ll find crayons and paper if they are just left on a table. By three she’ll be sitting on a tricycle if it’s in the driveway. By four she’ll be counting 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 if she is read lots of books with numbers and sung lots of songs with numbers. Music and singing may become his hobby.

So her or his hobby or hobbies will just appear.


You can expect if there is a basket full of stuffed animals your five year old  will have them talking to each other. Her hobby might be storytelling.

Your six year old may love toy trains and that will be her hobby eventually putting them on a track linked together going round and round again and again.

By seven or eight or nine or ten your child will become a collector which is a hobby all by itself. He or she will collect beach glass if you live near a beach, or smurfs if they are saved or lots of drawings (because she is still hooked on those crayons and paper and now she even has paints) or by twelve he or she will love chapter books and collect a series on a bookshelf. Reading is a great hobby.

As a parent it will almost feel like the hobby chose your child because it kept hanging around.

Your child is so great at making his or her own choices and decisions–oh, how smart they are–thinking for themselves.