Advantages for Infants and Toddlers with Stay-at-Home Parents.

The advantages for infants and toddlers with parents at home are many if

  • the parents enjoy being at home with their children,
  • are desirous of becoming knowledgeable about early child development,
  • and can form daily routines with opportunities for free exploration and discovery from which the child benefits.


Being at home affords the parent the luxury of getting to see their child’s milestones in real time and showing their admiration and enjoyment to the child one on one.

  1. In a daycare setting one on one is less available and of course even good care cannot replace love that the parent tenders.Particularly for infants, day care workers often wear plastic gloves especially when changing diapers so the soft touch of a mother’s hand is absent even when the daycare worker knows to chat when changing diapers and bathing to make these aspects of hygiene socializing opportunities.

2. The at-home parent can enjoy their infant month by month the first year as he or she increases sociability with smiles and an avid interest in all the sights and sounds around her.

3. The specific mother or father can key into their child’s favorite objects, understand how the child learns to favor specific security items like a special stuffed animal, and gradually help their child learn about object constancy where an absent object is expected to return.

4.The parent can easily socialize with other parent-infant and toddler pairs so the toddler begins to enjoy others outside of the family. The parent can enjoy taking the infant and toddler to see various sights nearby helping the youngster adapt to some traveling.

5.In other words, the baby will revel in the parent’s attention and feel lovable building early self-esteem. Even the best of child care workers in a daycare setting cannot give this kind of loving attention to each single child.

6.In a non-rushed environment the parent can introduce toys that show how things work, provide daily narratives of the child’s day to promote language, and read cloth and cardboard books frequently introducing the child to the world of words, language, a broad range of visual images and clues, as well as introducing music that’s both soothing sometimes and stimulating at other times.

7. Only a specific parent will get to know extremely well the temperament of their child, when stimulation is at the right level different times of day, and create a nap and sleep schedule that helps the child comprehend day and night.

8.Another plus of course is the parent can tailor the child’s nourishment,  nurse easily if it is chosen over the bottle, introduce the baby in a warm and gentle way to the pediatrician, and slowly move the toddler into a community center where other children are available for play and the beginnings of learning to share.


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