Why Kids Stare into Space


Staring off into space is the wonder of daydreaming. Daydreaming isn’t an idle activity but a creative pursuit. This is when kids master puzzling questions, evoke colorful pictures in their imaginations, and discover solutions to complex and even conflicting thoughts.

Do you usually think you should tell your kid to do something with his time. He is! And why not?


The celestial projection of a child’s unconscious making its way to the surface without fear but with the contemplation of youth is a great way to build ideas that we underestimate far too often.

Regard this youthful countenance with the perplexity and bewilderment it may represent. What’s staring out into space but imagining vague images that a child embellishes with his or own awe and intrigue.


Sometimes kids are rehearsing in their minds a conversation they’re a bit intimidated to have.


Other times they are imagining getting your approval for some small or stupendous achievement they are hoping to master.