Think about blobfish!

What is a blobfish?

A blobfish is a special fish that has no swim bladder and almost no bones. It belongs to the phycrudlade Family of fish.

Fun Facts About the Blobfish

What’s more intriguing than one of the ugliest creatures in the sea? At the ocean’s surface, blobfish are undoubtedly a sight to behold, but what else makes these creatures unique? Find out below.

  • Swim Bladder – Most species of bony fish have pockets of air in their bodies called swim bladders. Swim bladders allow them to achieve neutral buoyancy in the water by altering the amount of air within, so they can keep from sinking or floating.
  • Bladderless – Having pockets of air in your body is all fine and dandy when you live near the surface, but at the depths of the ocean floor, a swim bladder would burst. Instead of using a swim bladder to maintain neutral buoyancy, blobfish have no bones and jelly-like tissues. This allows them to float in place with minimal effort.
  • Energy Saving – Having the ability to float in place without having to “swim” can be extremely beneficial if you are trying to conserve energy. In the deep sea, food is hard to come by. This means that if you have any hope of survival, you must conserve as much energy as possible.
  • Non-Discerning – Thankfully for the blobfish, nature has given them exactly what they need to survive. By floating along near the ocean floor with minimal effort they can search for food without expending much energy. These fish feed on virtually anything edible, including a variety of carrion drifting down from the surface, crabs, sea urchins, and more.

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