Simplicity in a Complex World is Healing

This virus in some ways is so mysterious in the way it has changed our lives. Whatever the causes, confusions, and basic growing facts, all our lives have been changed at every stage of life.

How do we deal with change and uncertainty?

Primarily we try to see the truthfulness of it all and accept it as it even changes from moment to moment

We of course must care for others and for ourselves physically but also emotionally.

How do we do this?

We talk and listen to each other as well as have moments of silent conversations with ourselves.

We search for perspective, gain it, lose it multiple times most days


The universe is actually strangely unknowable.

Deep down that is in fact all we do know.


But yet we persist in finding ways to give ourselves and others

joy and love at least a few moments every day.

  • A smile behind a stranger’s mask.
  • A driver who motions us to move ahead.
  •  The laughter of a baby that thrills us all.
  • Remembering to say thank you even when it’s least expected.
  • Or, saying sorry when it’s really not so needed yet feels good to give and receive.


Such a complex world as this

needs some simplicity.

  1. simplicity in gentle words,
  2. kindnesses,
  3. holding hands,
  4. a soft pat on the back,
  5. eyes that crinkle upward,
  6. sleeping soundly,
  7. laughing at a  mishap
  8. simple gestures that feel good to be given and received no matter what else is going on.

Another gift is having faith in ourselves in the midst of doubt and caution. That faith not only steadies us, but others around us. We need some steadiness, some predictably, people anchoring other people.

So, in your own unique way give and receive what you feel you and others need to savor your and their emotions that invariably shift about all day and even in our dreams but are to be expected.

We indeed are emotional beings. Our emotions pull us together and push us apart but are inevitable, so we need to recognize them and let them give us strength and the ability to admit to vulnerability as well.

The irony is that complexity and simplicity coexist challenging us and fulfilling us all at once.