“You Can Never Draw a Line too Straight” quote by Eddie Z. Hollman, age 9

The author of this blog is Eddie Z. Hollman, age nine.

The idea behind this quote according to Eddie is “You can never do something too well. Never try to do more than you are capable of. If you try too hard, you will only make things a bit worse because you’ll concentrate on things being perfect when you know you won’t be able to make it perfect.”

What Works?

“Try to create something that works, not that works perfectly, but something that works. You don’t want to put thousands of dollars on something that you don’t need to spend. An example of that is if you are trying to get a painting for your entry room in your house. You can spend billions of dollars on a very expensive one by Leonardo da Vinci  or you could buy a cheaper and less nice painting and your guests will be just as happy.”

How to Save Money

“You can do something that is incredibly expensive like helicopter skiing when a cheaper alternative is there–downhill skiing on a jump run/mogul run.”

“If you buy a day’s worth of helicopter skiing, you’ll pay a couple of thousand dollars. And for a day of skiing on a jump run or mogul run you’ll pay $500 at most.”

“In other words, you don’t have to try to be perfect when you spend money.”

About the Author

Edward Hollman is nine years old. He loves blobfish. (If you do not believe blobfish exist, then search blobfish on whatever site you use.) Edward Hollman intends to write a book series about the Adventures of Blobby.

Edward enjoys nature. Also, his favorite sports are karate, swimming, biking, running, hiking,  skiing and cross country biking and cross country skiing.

A few facts about Blobfish are:

  • The average size of blobfish is 13 centimeters
  • Blobfishes scientific name is Psychrolutes marcidus.
  • Blobfish live around the coast of Australia and New Zealand

The Meaning of a Straight Line

“You can never do something too well. You can never get something perfect. You can get things almost close to perfect, but never perfect. If you’re someone who tries to be perfect, then you can continue trying but you’ll never get to perfection.”

“The only way you can be perfect at something is if you create it. If you create something then you are perfect at it. No one can do it better than you because they won’t be doing YOUR THING correctly.”



Never underestimate your child’s ability to understand life. Their wisdom can be astounding.

As you see, Eddie helps not only kids but grown-ups, too, set goals they can reach toward with perseverance, concentration, and ingenuity. Let’s all take his advice!