Today You Feel the Joy of Parenting

The day is coming to a close. Everyone is asleep and you’re able to reflect on the day. It seemed so stressful while it was going on, but now it feels worth all the angst that went into it. You recall the homework that was almost forgotten to be put in the back pack, the lunches you ran to the bus stop with, the call from the teacher that was positive and the way the door burst open when they came home from school with so much to say. Your daughter was holding up the A on her math test. Your son was ecstatic about his badge from swimming. Then your teen went to his room upset. You waited a bit, then gently knocked on his door and he quietly said to come in. You found him in  tears as he explained his girl broke up with him. As you consoled him, you felt something warm. He trusted you with this first crushing sadness and you were there for him and he felt your care. Just like the proud moments the kids shared earlier, you also felt their pride and your son’s sadness but even more felt the joy that they wanted to share so much with you.

Now you can take in the pleasure that comes with all the patient words you’ve said teaching them feeling words and not judging their points of view so they know you will be their unconditional listener as needed. This is indeed the joy of parenting. You didn’t know to expect this kind of happiness when you became a parent. It’s something to be delighted with as it’s discovered.

You had an up and down day yourself while at work when they were at school. It’s so interesting to learn they want to hear about your day,too. They’ve become good listeners. Guess you’ve modeled that well and do feel proud of yourself for that. You’re all a little community that comes together eventually at night. It feels right. It feels joyful. There is love in this house.