Name Creations: An Inspiring Project that Builds Self-Esteem


Welcome to the February 2015 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Do It Yourself

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to hang on their doors or the walls of their rooms. As soon as children are aware of letters whether they can recognize them or not, they are capable of learning how to construct them with a parent’s help. Once they are older they can do the whole project themselves with easy instructions.

This project can be done over and over as the child gets older and wants to redesign their names. A six-year-old child’s rendition of their name is certainly different than a teenager’s version.

Instructions for a Preschool and Grade School Child

Big bold letters of the child’s first name can be made out of oak tag or cardboard that can be cut easily.
1. Parent or child draws each letter in big bold capital letters. If the child isn’t old enough to draw a letter, after the parent designs the shape, the little one can trace over it.
2. With or without parent assistance cut out the letters. Remember perfection isn’t important. Jagged edges make for an interesting art project just as well as straight even edges.
3. Paint or color each letter. Use multiple colors if the child desires. Certainly let the child pick the colors. Each letter can even have multiple colors.
4. Designs can be drawn on each letter that shows the child’s interests as the child gets older.
5. Add glitter and ribbons and little glued on Lego pieces or small Match Box Cars. Whatever shows the child’s interest and will stay stuck on tight to each letter.
6. When each letter is dry spend lots of fun time deciding where the name should be hung. If your child shares a room, more than one name can be put on a door or on different walls in the room.
7. Hang the letters with little cup hooks or those sticky tabs that don’t take paint off walls and can easily be removed. Check in a craft store for all kinds of options.

Instructions for a Pre-Teen or Teenager

If this name project hangs for a few months or years, kids may want to redo it to match their new interests and abilities. The same steps are followed only now the child does the project on their own with the parent ooh-ing and ah-h-ing at every step.
The child can progress to heavier materials, even wood if a parent teaches them how to use a sawing tool to cut out the letters.

Building Self-Esteem

It’s a wondrous feeling for a child to see their name brightly hung each time they enter their room. It says they are important and have created something meaningful of their own. A name says, “I am myself.” “I accept who I am.” “I am special.” “I have my own place.”
Whether your child enters their room in an up or down mood depending on the day, they feel recognized and validated. A name is a great self-esteem builder, especially when the child has been part of the project that grows as they grow.



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