The “Collectors” and the “Concentrators”: How Children React to Lots of Presents

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How Do Your Children React to

Lots of Presents on Holidays?

What are your kids like when they see a mass of presents? After the surprise and awe, I have found that different kids react quite differently. Some have already snuck into the room with the gifts and cased out the joint. They know where there presents are even though they act surprised. They also know where everyone else’s gifts reside.

“The Collectors”

Some children love to rush through all their gifts. They rip the wrapping paper off with a flourish and find their favorite toys setting aside the clothes, socks, and other essentials. Favorites at all ages seem to be Legos of every kind, even when they already have lots of them, Richard Scary books, easy to put together puzzles, and if they are craft lovers new kinds of paints reign supreme.
Superhero figures and favorite dolls are also a big plus and collectors group and categorize them and count how many they have in their new stash before adding up their total collection. For some a favorite video game or movie is a hit, but the point is, they don’t spend time investigating, they count! In fact, they count who has more of what!
These kids are collectors. They want to collect more than any other child around. They get on the phone or text if they are techy and compare who has what and how much of each.

“The Concentrators”

Other children seem to be the opposite. They take off the wrappings with some gentleness and concentrate on each new experience. If it’s a Lego set, they take out the instructions right then and there, clear a space to work, and build their object. It’s as if they never saw the wide array of other choices to investigate.
These children can take all day or even several days to discover what they’ve been given. They’re a sight to behold. It’s not that they are more grateful than their counterparts, they are just very focused. Days later, they may discover something wrapped and yet untouched unless some adult who just can’t hold back brings the other gifts to their attention.

Gifts Both Collectors and Concentrators Avoid

Both types of kids seem to dispense rather quickly with sweaters, socks, shirts, tights, slippers, and pajamas. They seem to realize these are necessities but they are just not any fun! The polite types say their “thank-you” and go on their merry way.

Gifts Both Collectors and Concentrators Appreciate

Some parents and grandparents spend endless time creating gifts for the children from home made scarves, blankets, sweaters, hats, crafts, and boxes of cookies and candies. Children seem to appreciate this effort. They feel loved and cared for.

Children know these things take time and are a way of showing love specially designed for them individually. They usually take time out from their toy and game discoveries to give the homemaker a genuine hug. Later you find that home knit blanket neatly folded on the end of their bed, perhaps organized by mom, but appreciated in its special place. Months later, the blanket is still there and still appreciated.

Kids know how to love and feel loved and this is important and probably more long lasting than any of the other gifts.

Favorite Gifts

The most favorite gifts are the ones the kids probably asked for because they fit their age and interests. These gifts can’t be listed because they are so individual. The first baseball mitt, the first two-wheeler, the favorite doll , the first set of make-up, a unique cool sweater. The child knows somebody out there really zeroed in on what was important to them.

This is what gift giving is about: knowing you are special to someone who not only loves you, which is obviously important, but someone who knows you and accepts you for who you are. That’s the gift to spend time searching for. That’s the gift that gives.

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